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  • Force Head

Jooste Force Head

The force head is fitted into a T-Piece on the last riser pipe to prevent water being forced out at the rod. The force head is available for 12mm and 16mm rods.

Force Head MODELS

FA40 Low Pressure - 60m 40mm 12x500mm S/S
FB40 High Pressure - 250m 40mm 16x500mm S/S
FB40-AC High Pressure - 250m ACETAL 40mm 16x500mm S/S
FA 12mm Rod
FB 16mm Rod

Force Head Parts And Assembly

Complete Packing

1. FB40-31 Rod
2. FB40-28 Housing
3. FB40-4 O-Ring
4. FB40-32 Oil Seal
5. FB40-29X Packing
6. FB40-29a Grease Seal
7. FB40-30 Nut

*Please note: with the old-type Force Head, the red oil seal goes into the groove on the inside of the nut. Thighten the nut by hand.

To Install The Force Head

  1. Pull the rods up till the end of the stroke-length.
  2. Clamp the rods above the riser pipe.
  3. Let the rods down towards the end of the downward stroke.
  4. Connect the stainless steel rod to the galvanized rod and lock with locknuts.
  5. Lower the housing over the rod, followed by the O-ring (#3), the red oil seal (#4) and then the packing. Insert into the housing.
  6. Position the brown grease/oil seal (#6) on the packing.
  7. Tighten the nut by hand.
  8. Lubricate the force head & rod with a few drops of oil (supplied).

Force Head Parts And Assembly

Teflon Packing

1. FB40-31 Rod (16x500mm)
2. FB40-28 Housing
3. FB40-4 O-Ring
4. FB40-32 Oil Seal
5. FB40-29x* Packing
6. ASB10 (Image ‘shows’ 1xTeflon Ring) 2 x Teflon Rings
7. FB40-29a Grease Seals (Spacer)
8. FB40-30 Nut (16mm)
9. OF20 Oil (20ml)

To Install The FB40-29T Teflon Packing

The teflon (#6) ring must be thoroughly moistened before tightening up the housing, either by soaking the teflon ring in a cup of water (soak for about 45 minutes) before assembling.


Install the packing parts as above, but DO NOT tighten the nut and let it run for about 45 minutes before tightening the force head nut. ALWAYS TIGHTEN UP THE FORCE HEAD NUT BY HAND – NEVER WITH A MONKEY WRENCH. If the nut is over tightened the force head rod will wear. Give the packing a few drops of oil every two weeks or so.

Specialised Force Head Rods

Force Head Rods with SHORT THREAD 45x45

FA40-31 S/Steel ROD 12x500mm
FB31-600 S/Steel ROD 16x600mm
FB31-700 S/Steel ROD 16x700mm
FB31-800 S/Steel ROD 16x800mm

Force Head Rods with LONG THREAD 45x80

P3-ST S/Steel ROD 16x700mm
D8/9-ST S/Steel ROD 16x800mm
FB31-900 S/Steel ROD 16x900mm
FB31-1000 S/Steel ROD 16x1000mm