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Range of products

Our range of products currently include borehole cylinders, float valves, force cylinders, force heads, submersible adaptors, stroke adjusters, hand pumps and other borehole accessories such as adaptor foot valves and pipe protectors.


The borehole cylinder can be used with a windmill, power head or hand pump and there are two series available:



    for boreholes from 1 meter to 60 meters in depth. Available in 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm and manufactured on demand only: the 180mm.

    Borehole cylinders comprise of a stainless steel tube, a plunger with a single groove and ring attached to a rod and foot valve made from non-corrosive polyethylene and polyurethane materials. These models are used in boreholes to a depth of 60 meters deep and have a stroke length of 320mm (12.5").



    for boreholes from 60 meters and deeper. Available in 50mm, 60mm, 70mm and 80mm sizes.

    The RDS models are specially designed for boreholes deeper than 60 meters with a stroke length of 360mm (14"). The stainless steel tube is longer than the standard cylinders and operates with a double ring plunger. Rod supports and unique Jooste foot valves are fitted. The rust retainer is fitted on the first rod before the cylinder preventing rust or sand from settling in the cylinder.



The force cylinder is surface mounted for pumping from a tank, reservoir or river and can pump up to a height of 240 meters, depending on the distance and size of the pipe. Force cylinders are manufactured in five sizes (50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm and 100mm) and are used with a windmill or power head to pump water over long distances to higher levels. It consists of an RDS cylinder with a force head fitted to it. A base plate secures the pump to the ground. It is also fitted with a double ring plunger and the unique Jooste foot valve.



The force head is used to block the rising colmuns and to force the water into another direction. Each force head comprises of four parts:

  • a stainless steel rod
  • a brass housing
  • packing
  • adjusting nut

The packing fits in the brass housing and the rod operates through the packing. The force head is fitted into a T-piece on the last riser pipe. Force heads are also available or P3, P4, D8, D9 and D12 power heads.


The Jooste float valve has a stainless steel outer body and an arm with a polyurethane inner valve.


The groove of the plunger set accommodates a specially designed polyurethane ring to seal off water positively between the plunger and the cylinder wall. This unique design has a low frictional coefficient while maintaining a secure seal.


The stroke adjuster facilitates the task to adjust the stroke and can be installed between the galvanised rods and the wooden rod of the windmill.


The sub assembly is used to attach a submersible pump onto a cylinder enabling the use of the windmill and a submersible pump.


The cylinders are manufactured from stainless steel, polyethylene and polyurethane – all anti-corrosive materials. It comes packed in a plastic sleeve with assembling instructions included.


Tables are available for selecting the correct cylinder according to your needs.

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