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Adaptor Foot Valves (AF*)

The Adaptor Foot Valve is manufactured with female thread and is fitted to the bottom of the cylinder to accommodate a submersible pump or extension pipes.

*Refer to Assembly Instructions for installation information.

Illustration purposes only fo
AF50AA to AF70AA

Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Secure the clinder and remove the nuts and bolts.
Step 2: Very important! Remover the foot valve from the cylinder.
Step 3: Fit the adaptor into the opening of the cylinder and tap the adaptor in with a hammer and a block of wood until the shoulder of the adaptor is flush with the bottom of the cylinder.
Step 4: Drill 4mm pilot holes 12mm deep through the cylinder tube holes into the adaptor.
Step 5: Fasten the self tapping screws provided with the adaptor.