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RDS-series Deep borehole cylinder

Individual parts


The RDS models are specially designed for boreholes with a total head of more than 60 meters and have a stroke length of 360mm (14″). The stainless steel tube is longer than the standard cylinder and operates with a double ring piston. Rod supports and the unique Jooste Foot Valves are also fitted to the RDS Models. A rust retainer is fitted on the last galvanised rod, before the cylinder, preventing rust or sand from settling in the cylinder.

(The rust retainer is supplied standard with the RDS-Series Cylinders but can be fitted to the AS-Series as well.)

Foot Valve

The unique design of the foot valve has a low frictional coefficient while maintaining a secure seal.

RDS-Series Cylinders

View Code Diameter Tube length Delivery (l/h) Parts


50 (2") 550 (20") ± 500 Brown


60 (2.5") 550 (20") ± 770 Yellow


70 (3") 550 (20") ± 1,100 Purple


80 (3.5") 550 (20") ± 1,370 Green


100 (4") 550 (20") ± 2,100 Orange