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Advantages of patented Jooste cylinders

Jooste Cylinders are environmentally friendly by using wind energy instead of electricity and won the Cullinan Design Award in 1993 as an example of good engineering design.

  • The Jooste cylinder requires half the power than a normal cylinder to operate.
  • The cylinder is manufactured from the most modern materials, namely stainless steel, polyethylene and polyurethane.
  • It causes considerably less electrolytic corrosion on galvanised pipes.
  • There is minimal wear on the cylinder tubes and rings.
  • There is an enormous saving on pipes, power heads and windmill heads.
  • The Jooste cylinder produces more water than a normal cylinder.
  • It can handle sand better than other cylinders.
  • The cylinder has its own unique Jooste foot valve.
  • Individual cylinders are packed in strong plastic sleeves with assembling instructions included.
  • The stainless steel borehole cylinders are submersible compatible.