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  • PolyCast

PolyCast, managed by Fanus Le Roux, is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of high volume quality elastomeric as well as foam polyurethane products for various industries such as water, plant, mining and automotive. Combining knowledge of a variety of synthetic materials with many years of design & manufacturing experience, as well as the use of various new technologies, PolyCast is able to provide a very efficient service from concept to end product.

PolyCast is firmly rooted on a foundation consisting of care for our customers’ needs, honesty in everything we do and pride in our work.

Polyurethane is a polymer compound that exists as a liquid before moulding and casting, making it a very versatile material that can be formed into a variety of shapes.

Contact Kevin on 079 690 3069 or email should you have any enquiries.